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Beschreibung:Die Pumps passen jer Frau. Der Schuschrank soll Elegantes und Modisches nicht verlieren. Die Klassik wird nie altmodisch.
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Auf Zehe Rein Pu Pumps Schwarz Spitz AalarDom Damen 39 Hoher Absatz Schuhe Ziehen Leder Bqq5z0

Limited Edition

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Damen Pu Leder Ziehen Schuhe AalarDom Zehe Absatz Spitz Pumps Hoher Schwarz 39 Auf Rein


DS 3 CROSSBACK La Première is the most exclusive edition of the luxury compact SUV from DS Automobiles. Combining advanced technology and refinement, La Premiere offers a unique aesthetic and outstanding level of technology.

Be the Avant-Garde

An exclusive limited edition, La Première is the most luxurious DS 3 CROSSBACK available, reserved for the bold early-adopters.


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    DS Opera Inspiration in Art Rubis red



Keeping the DNA and the identity of DS 3 CROSSBACK, our limited edition La Première is distinguished by its refinement and exclusive attention to detail.

    Next-generation lighting

    DS 3 CROSSBACK features the latest generation DS MATRIX LED VISION headlights, which adjust automatically to driving and road conditions. Switching from full beam to dipped headlights automatically, you'll never dazzle other drivers. This intelligent lighting technology uses a camera mounted in the windscreen to see the road ahead and adjust accordingly.

    The DS MATRIX LED VISION projectors are made up of three LED modules for dipped beam as well as a MATRIX BEAM module for driving. This is composed of 15 identical but independent elements that illuminate and dim progressively depending on road conditions.

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    PROXIMITY KEYLESS ENTRY & START allows DS 3 CROSSBACK to accurately recognise your proximity to the car to give you a warm welcome as you approach.


    Damen Schuhe Absatz Zehe Pumps AalarDom 39 Leder Spitz Auf Hoher Rein Schwarz Ziehen Pu At a distance of 3m, DS 3 CROSSBACK detects your key, unfolds the door mirrors and illuminates the headlights in anticipation. Closer, at 1.5m, the flush door handles deploy to reveal themselves, unlocking the car automatically.


    When leaving the car, the door handles retract once more, accompanied by an audible confirmation that DS 3 CROSSBACK is locked.

    Enjoy even more comfort with keyless ignition. Simply press the Start/Stop button located  in the central console to turn on or shut down the engine.

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    Share access to your vehicle with the MyDS App

    More of us are choosing to share our cars with others than ever, which is why we equipped DS 3 CROSSBACK with DS SMART ACCESS, a feature that allows you to give access to your car quickly and easily using the MyDS App.

    DS SMART ACCESS is a  true everyday companion, which allows you to open and start your DS 3 CROSSBACK via the MyDS mobile application. You can also schedule, authorise and revoke access to your car doors or boot, as well as sharing your vehicle with up to five friends or family.

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